Sunday, November 28, 2010

Executive Presence!

As I begin my journey in Consulting world, I realize the importance of demonstrating 'Executive Presence' in each and every conversation I have (including the coffee breaks!). It is a paradox! I have to be myself and at the same time can't afford to let my guard down! Which is a bit tricky, I say!

People create impressions about you and they want to
1. See or visualize how you would be in a client situation?
2. Experience your 'Senior Voice'
3. Feel proud that you are part of their team!

How does one model 'Executive Presence'?

It is more often 'felt' .... than something that can be 'spelt' :-)

EP includes,
a. Confidence in self
b. Attitude - bright, positive and shining!
c. Content Credibility - knowing my stuff!
d. Assertiveness - Guts to speak my mind.... even though the crowd may think otherwise!
e. Communication - saying it with elegance/poise! using less words but conveying powerful concepts which brings out in-depth understanding...

Will bring out more...

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