Saturday, December 15, 2007

My First Visit to USA


I am back. This time with some exciting stuff. Recetnly I visited San Francisco (San Ramon to be exact) for some field work. For a boy from a small town, it's a big leap. Everything is new. Right from crossing the street (Can you imagine! I spent close to 10 min in figuring out that push button to cross the road!)

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Whether it is about printing a train ticket myself on the vending machine from SFO Airport to Dublin Pleasonton route or taking a cab from the BART station to the hotel (Sierra Suites) where I had booking it was first time for me and luckily it turned out to be a pleasant one!

I braved outside my room in the night to have some snacks as I was hungry. I could find only a Taco Bell outlet and struggled to find something 'Vegetarian'. Finally ordered something and it turned out to be some meat preparation. I didn't like it, but had no heart to throw it in dust bin, somehow gulped and washed it down with the raspberry flavored coke that came with it as a combo pack.

The second day I took a train to SFO airport (Still disoriented in the new timezone!) slept on my way and missed the SFO station. No one around to ask for directions, but somehow figured out that if I stayed on the same train, it would shuttle back to SFO airport. Felt relieved, stayed awhile on my seat (meanwhile, I prayed all the gods I know that no one should be checking my ticket or no camera around to beep that I am carrying an invalid ticket). Finally, understood the system and felt comfortable moving around without any hassles.

Rest of my journey I shall blog when time permits! So Long! :-)