Thursday, November 13, 2008

The picture we see below is a metaphor of what happens in every organization.

Many of us are pushing and pulling a wagon that is rolling on Squared wheels with a cargo of round wheels. Simply, the current systems and procedures and the like DO work, but they don't work smoothly. And inside the wagon are a wide variety of ideas about what can be done to make improvements.
One paradox is that people are too busy to stop and step back and see what is obvious to other observers. These others often include customers and other departments. (Abhi & I are included in this others too!)
Now, imagine that the pushers and pullers are asked to join a health club (Real Time Learning - RTL from Satyam School of Leadership - SSL) where they get workout schedules, dietary information and the like and that, after a few weeks of this intervention and support, they are healthier and stronger.

Building personal resources is what most of us do within our organizations. We work to develop people so that they are more competent, effective and productive
Now, imagine these same people go back to the workplace more empowered now to push and pull the wagon, but now with round wheels - The solutions were there all the time!!!
Thanks to all of you to make this as a wonderful experience!!!
Now, let's reflect on this question - Are we still pushing the wagon with Squared Wheels?

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