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HPCA Monthly Learning Event – 8th May 2010

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An ICF Chapter, Hyderabad, India

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Virtual Monthly Learning Events

CCE Units awarded for the participants!!!

You can be from any city within India and register for these programs and earn CCE Units by participating.


ICF Members can participate, benefit, enjoy and learn from these virtual sessions at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Speak / write to us with your ICF Membership number, contact details, City etc and we will guide you with PROMO Code (FREE OF CHARGE)


CLICK the following link for online registration and payment options


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Title: 'Coaching Excellence – Facilitating Learning and Results'


Date: Saturday, 8th May, 2010


Time: 08:30 AM - 09:30 AM IST - VIRTUAL SESSION


(you can login from anywhere [just a local call], upon successful registration, we shall send you the presentation (ppt) used by the speaker, an unique access number and code [pls dont share this code with others] to join the Audio Bridge)




Sivam Chandrasekhar, PCC(<a href=""></a>

Sivam Chandrasekhar, Chandra, as he normally likes to be called, started his professional career as a Chemical Engineer and has more than a decade of corporate and business experience in the US and more than 35 years of business and executive experience in India. In these multi-cultural work environments he has enjoyed playing multifaceted roles in policy making, research, development, project design and supervision, venture capital funding and leadership, for central government agencies and companies, both in the public and private sectors.


With his main strengths in connecting and relating to people and a great passion to interact with people and make a difference in their lives, he changed his career focus to psychology and life coaching. Chandra has more than a decade of counseling, relationship, compassionate and transformational coaching experience in both clinical and non-clinical work environments. He graduated from the International Coach Academy in 2007 as a certified professional coach (CPC) and is one of the first two ICF credentialed, professional certified coaches (PCC) in India, with his wife, Prabha, being the other one.



How to Attend:

This is exclusively for HPCA Members ONLY event. However, Members can bring in Guests by paying a nominal fee to cover our administration charges


CLICK the following link for online registration and payment options


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Rush in your entries as we have limited Audio lines for the event.


Warm Regards

Bhaskar Natarajan

Core Essentials Graduate (CEG) - CoachU Australia

President Elect - Hyderabad Professional Coach Association (HCPA)

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Skype - bhaskarnatarajan5220

India Mobile - +91-9849541110

US Mobile - 216 640 7449

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