Sunday, January 3, 2010

How engaged are your employees? a simple test


Former U.S. labor secretary Robert B. Reich has devised a smart, simple, (and free) diagnostic tool for measuring the health of an organization.When he talks to employees, he listens carefully for the pronouns they use. Do employees refer to their company as "they" of as "we"?

"They" suggests at least some amount of disengagement, and perhaps even alienation. "We" suggests the opposigs employees feel they're part of something significant and meaningful. If you're a boss, spend a few days listening to the people around you, not only in formal settings like meetings, but in the hallways and
at lunch as well. Are you a "'we" organization or a "tThey" organization? The difference matters. Everybody wants auronomy, masrery and purpose. The thing is, "we" can get it-but "they" can't.

- Daniel Pink, (on his New Book - DRIVE)

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